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Some Day Came Ranch

We are a small ranch located just west of Orlando in the small town of Groveland.  This is a family owned and operated ranch with cows, horses, goats, pigs, dogs, and cats.  We put a lot of love and time into the care of all of our animals.  Although we love all of our animals equally our passion is our little Nigerian Dwarf herd.  All of our Nigerian Dwarf goats are ADGA registered.

We raise and breed ADGA registered Nigerians.  Our Nigerians bred by us are entitled with the herd name Some Day Came or Dudley's Girls.  This is do to the fact my sister and I have seperate ADGA registered herds.


Two of our little wethers are now employed at the Ringling Brother's Barnum and Bailey Circus!  These sweet little guys were bought by the circus and are now named Cotton and Candy!  They are going to be traveling across the United States with lions and tigers.  I think these cute little guys will be stealing the show!



 Come and visit our SOAP page.  We make and sell luxury body soaps from our Nigerian goats milk.  We add many age defing oils to our soap to add back the moisture that our bodies loose every day.                                                                                                      


Kent, Brenda, Halie, & Mattie Weber

352-429-4077 or 407-595-0738